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Terms and conditions


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1. Terms of Charter

1.1 The Yacht is intended solely for tourism purposes in the area of navigable routes in the Great Mazurian Lakes.
1.2 Nautika Czarter Sp. z o.o. declares that the Yacht shall be delivered complete, capable of sailing and navigation and without physical defects.
1.3 The Yacht shall not be sub-leased without the consent of Nautika Czarter.
1.4 Delivery and return of the Yacht shall be in the port in Mikołajki.
1.5  Delivery of the Yacht shall be on the Delivery Date from 4:00 PM.         
       Return of the Yacht shall be on the Return Date by 11:00 AM.
1.6  Delivery and return of the Yacht shall follow its inspection, on the basis of the Yacht Acceptance Protocol which shall be signed by the authorized representatives of the Parties to the Yacht Lease Agreement.
1.7  The Lessee shall return the Yacht in clean and orderly condition, while the Lessee may order Nautika Czarter to perform the clean-up for a fee of PLN 200, conditional upon such order being submitted earlier, at least one day in advance.
1.8 Nautika Czarter shall not be liable for failure to deliver the Yacht on the agreed date due to extraordinary circumstances that prevent its release.
1.9 Booking the Yacht is binding upon an advance payment in the amount of PLN 2,000 and the Lessee sending Nautika Czarter a signed Yacht Lease Agreement
1.10 Yacht Lease Agreement is provided by Nautika Czarter to the Lessee in the electronic version and does not require the signature of the Nautika Czarter
1.11 The following documents are required to lease a Yacht:
1. For sailing yachts: at least a yachtsman’s license and an ID document
2. For motor yachts: an ID document and another document with a photograph

2. Payment and Deposit

2.1 The Lessee shall pay Nautika Czarter rent for the Yacht lease as follows:
- Booking fee (security deposit) in the amount of PLN 2,000 within three days of receipt of the initial booking.
- The remainder of the amount of rent is payable by the date of Yacht delivery. The Yacht shall not be released to the Lessee until payment in the full amount of rent, security deposit and possible additional charges.
2.2 Payments shall be made to the bank account of Nautika Czarter Sp. z o.o. , Mikołajki, 3 Maja 17a
        Bank Pekao SA, X Branch in Warsaw, account no.: 28 1240 1095 1111 0010 4173 7298
2.3 The date of payment shall be the date of crediting the bank account of Nautika Czarter.
2.4 By the date of Yacht delivery, the Lessee shall have paid a deposit of PLN 1,000 ,
to cover any potential damages and claims of Nautika Czarter. The deposit will be credited in full to cover potential damages and claims, or (in the absence of damages or claims by Nautika Czarter) refunded to the Lessee on the date of its returning the Yacht to Nautika Czarter. The deposit shall not limit further liability of the Lessee.
2.5 In the event of failure to pay the booking fee on time, the Yacht Lease Agreement shall be terminated.
2.6 In the event of failure to pay the rent referred to in item 2.1 (the remainder of the amount of rent), the Yacht Lease Agreement shall be terminated and the booking fee shall not be refundable.
2.7 The Lessee shall pay Nautika Czarter a contractual penalty for a delay in returning the Yacht in the amount of 100% of the average one-day rent (rent/number of days of the agreement) for each day of delay.

3. Discounts

• Regular customer: 5%
• 2 week-charter minimum: 5%
• Two or more Yachts jointly: 5%
• Early booking and payment of the deposit by March 31: 5% (does not apply to the long weekend in May and Corpus Christi holiday)
• Students: 5% (May and September)
• Agreement concluded during sailing/yacht fair: 10%
• Maximum discount: 15%

4. Additional Charges

• NOTE: Any and all additional charges shall be payable on the day of receipt of the Yacht in the port.
• One-Way Service – returning the Yacht to a port different than the port of registry
- negotiated price (depending on Yacht type and port of return)
• 40% additional fee for a short-duration charter, namely, fewer than 4 days
• Penalties deducted from the deposit on the Day of Return of the Yacht
1. clogged or not drained toilets – PLN 250
2. dirty/disorderly Yacht following the charter – PLN 350
3. necessary extended (more than standard) cleaning (e.g., washing the upholstery) – PLN 450
4. other damages to the Yacht – in accordance with Nautika Czarter price list

5. Delivery of the Yacht

• Receipt of Yacht from 4:00 PM on the date of arrival (other hours by appointment)
• Return of Yacht by 11:00 AM on the date of departure (other hours by appointment)
• Receipt and return of Yacht takes place in the Nautika Mikołajki Port

6. Other Information

• PARKING PLN 30/day
• A Yacht starting the cruise receives the following free of charge:
1. a full gas cylinder
2. fuel; a full fuel tank to be replenished prior to return of the Yacht (an Orlen fuel station in the port)
3. supply of drinking water
• The Yacht is clean and fully operational
• Mooring at the port of registry
• The Yacht holds CASCO (means of transport), OC (Civil Liability), NW (accident) Yacht Insurance; engine theft insurance and the insurance of personal effects of the crew
• We provide service along the route of Great Mazurian Lakes
• No animals are allowed
• There is no smoking on the Yacht under pain of losing the deposit.

Shoes for walking on the Yacht are not allowed (teak deck) with the exception of special footwear for walking on boats, under pain of losing the entire deposit.

7. Terms of Using the Yacht and Responsibility

7.1 The Lessee shall be responsible for the Yacht upon its receipt until the time of its return. The Lessee shall be responsible for the acts and omission of its own as well as those to whom it entrusts the Yacht.
7.2 The Yacht shall hold Skipper’s OC (Civil Liability), crew’s NW (accident) and CASCO Insurance of the Yacht and crew’s personal effects; simultaneously, the Lessee shall be fully liable for damages to such an extent of insurance that does not cover the Yacht as well as in situations where the insurer is solely liable (e.g., damage attributable to the use of alcohol or drugs, lack of a legally required license to steer sailing boats, failure to comply with the provisions of the Agreement).
7.3 The Lessee shall immediately report to Nautika Czarter any defects, collisions, accidents and other events which may cause damage to property or person, to the phone number provided earlier; also, the Lessee shall draw up a detailed protocol of the accident. This does not exclude the obligation of the Lessee to notify relevant services and institutions thereof.
7.4 In the event of loss or damage to equipment or components of the Yacht, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor damages in the amount specified in the Lessor’s price list. In the event that a piece of equipment was not included in the price list, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor the amount of compensation equal to the replacement value determined by the Lessor. The charges referred to in the preceding two sentences are due on the date of return of the Yacht.
7.5 The Yacht may be used only by the person holding licenses/certificates required by law to steer sailing boats. The Yacht should be operated in a manner appropriate to its purpose, in accordance with current legislation, good sailing practice and good manners. Nautika Czarter is not responsible for Yacht downtime attributable to Lessee’s faults.
7.6 Any minor repairs associated with regular use of the Yacht shall be charged to the Lessee, while such repairs must not cause damage to the Yacht.
7.7 The Yacht is equipped with adult-size life vests (8 pcs.); the provision of children’s life vests shall be the Lessee’s responsibility.

     Sincerely, the Nautika Czarter Team


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